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Varchas is an IT solutions consulting, and outsource services provider. Specialized in developing customized business technology solutions, we help organizations become more competitive, increase productivity, and reduce costs. We are deeply committed to adding value and building long-term relationships with our clients.

Varchas can help you create and maintain software solutions, upgrade technology, and move to the cloud. Typical engagements include :

  • Analyze needs, Assess technology
  • Design solutions, Manage projects
  • Develop software products
  • Move existing services to the Internet
  • Create and maintain specialized business applications
  • Improve management of information and documents
  • Create website applications and reduce the manual resources and paper work
  • Reach the customers over smart phone and tablets

Realize great business benefits by improving your technology. Varchas can offer :

  • Specialized solutions, customized to your needs
  • Full project services, from concept to deployment
  • Incremental software, agile solutions design and delivery
  • Integrated technology, from database to end user
  • High quality, solutions that do work the way you need to
  • Extensive experience with a broad set of technologies using cost effective open source technologies
  • Consistent, successful results