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Varchas Outsource

Many companies are looking at development and maintaining software offshore to cut costs and use a larger resource pool for finding talent. While promising, so many times the experience becomes frustrating. Outsourcing proves to be more flexible than many anticipate.

How we can help?

We can help you develop quality software products and services, and perform effective software maintenance cycles while realizing cost savings. Some of the benefits our software outsourcing services include :

  • Use our extensive experience in software design, development, and project management
  • Direct, open communication, you work with us in close proximity
  • Seamless transition of project activities to offshore location
  • Efficient resource management, we have the ability to utilize resources on site, off-site, or offshore, as best fit the current skills and workload
  • Flexibility in resizing and scaling the project team
  • Increased agility, faster response to changes in scope and requirements
  • Cost savings from majority of work performed in low cost locations
  • Lower investment in infrastructure, office space, equipment, expertise, and software licensing