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Mobile Application Development

Mobile technology has not only changed the way we consume entertainment, but also the way we conduct business. Mobile Application development is a field that organizations are banking on very seriously, as with its vast reach and easy access. This is a technology that no one can afford to ignore. Varchas have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the mobile app development domain our services are diverse and support development on all major platforms.

Our Key Mobile App Development Solutions are

iOS App Development for iPhone and iPads

iPhone is one of the most popular phones across the world, and the apps on it are just as popular as these sleek devices. Our developers specialize in developing apps for iPhone, iPhone SDL 3.0, iPad, and iPod touch. These apps can be commercial, free or in-house apps.

Android App development for smart phones and tablets which runs on Android OS

Mobile Application Development in India has seen a surge in business ever since Android came into the picture. With more and more users opting for this reliable operating system, the usage and demand for Android apps has also sky-rocketed.